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Permanent Eyeliner

As Bold or Subtle as You Like 

Lash Enhancement Or Winged Permanent Eyeliner

 A permanent eyeliner treatment is an effective way to achieve the look of eyeliner without the trouble of applying it daily. 


Permanent eyeliner can be applied as subtly or as dramatically as you like. Just as with an eyeliner pencil, permanent eyeliner can be applied above the lashes, or in the lash line itself, and the line can be as fine or as voluminous as you like. Megan can also use various color combinations and effects to recreate the look you want. Come to Bella Ink Permanent Makeup for the best permanent eyeliner treatment in the Vancouver and Portland area. 

Permanent eyeliner by bella ink permanent makeup in Portland Oregon

Permanent Eyeliner Pricing







Please Note:

If you are currently using Latisse or other eyelash growth serum, you must discontinue use for at least one month prior to your appointment. Eyelash and eyebrow growth serum bring extra circulation (aka blood flow) to the area resulting in more growth of hair/lashes. This will cause the skin to be in a hypersensitive state and will bleed easily.

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