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Permanent Eyebrows

"Got my eyebrows Nanobladed and Megan did a wonderful job. Very thorough and really wants to make sure not only you, but, that she is also pleased with her work before you go. Great , relaxing atmosphere. Would definitely recommend ."

Eyebrow Microblading

Megan applies microblade eyebrows on her client in vancouver WA

The eyebrow microblading technique creates thin, precise and beautiful strokes to imitate natural eyebrow hairs. The technique involves using a small, very sharp scalpel, which is made up of 10 to 16 very fine needles configured into a blade to deposit the pigment into the skin. Learn more about the healing process here. 

Nano Hair-Stroke Eyebrows
Megan applies semi permanent eyebrows on her client in vancouver WA

In comparison to microblading, nano needling utilizes a digital cosmetic tattoo machine. The needle is called a “nano needle” because they are the size of a hair and flexible. Through this technique, it's possible to achieve the same look as microblading while causing less trauma to the skin and yielding longer lasting color retention. 

Ombre Eyebrows 
Megan at Bella Ink Permanent Makeup applies semi peranent ombre eyebrows on her client

The result of this technique is a soft powdered effect. There are no hair strokes in the technique.  This technique is recommended for those with oily skin types. Learn more about contraindications and whether you're a candidate for microblading and permanent makeup. Shading can also be added to either hair stroke techniques.

Get The Eyebrows You've Always Dreamed Of!

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"There's no way your brows look better than mine! lol. Megan is AWESOME and so is her work. She had a challenge with me, as my brows are sparse and what hair I do have is very pale - so I opted for the nano. I've had my brows done previously at two different places up in Seattle where I live. I now drive down from Seattle just for Megan. She's that good.

- Rachel H.

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