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Areola & Nipple Pigmentation

Healing Inside and Out

Why Would Someone Get an Areola or Breast Tattoo?

  • Medical tattooing for the breast, also known as nipple/areola micropigmentation, can be used in the following scenarios:

  • In breast reconstruction patients after a mastectomy, to recreate a natural and realistic appearing nipple areola complex.  This can be done over a nipple reconstruction or without using 3D tattooing technique.

  • After other breast procedures, such as breast reduction, where the pigment has been lost or to achieve areola symmetry.

  • To darken light areola pigment per client preference.

Before areola and nipple pigmentation
Results after areola and nipple reconstruction tattoo
Immediately After (Color will fade 30-40%)

The areola pigmentation process provides clients with the final touches to complement the surgical process. As a rule of thumb, it is necessary to wait at least 5 months after the date of your final surgery to have your areola reconstruction procedure. The color will fade about 30-40% from the initial application and most areola procedures require at least one touch-up for the desired color. A consultation is required before booking an appointment.  

Areola Reconstruction Pricing






$150/ $250

Note About Insurance

Did you know that insurance companies are required to pay for your areola reconstruction!? I will provide you with an itemized receipt to provide to your insurance company so that you can get reimbursed. Unfortunately, I cannot bill insurance directly. It is required by law that your insurance company reimburse you. 

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