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About Megan


Megan is a licensed cosmetic tattoo artist in Portland, Oregon, specializing in natural permanent makeup including microblading, nano hair-stroke eyebrows, permanent eyeliner, permanent lip color, and areola restoration. She apprenticed with Laura J. Albano, a very prestigious and well-known cosmetic and medical tattoo artist in Los Angeles and has received advanced training at Huntington Academy of Permanent Cosmetics.


Megan understands that every client has different needs and that the decision to pursue permanent makeup is a highly personal one. That’s why she works with every individual to create a custom look that highlights their innate beauty. Megan has an excellent eye for artistry, high regard for safety, and a passion for beauty and customer service.


She is an artist and entrepreneur at heart and has combined the two into a career in the field of beauty and design.


Please give her a call at 503-997-7666 or schedule a consultation online

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