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Permanent Makeup while Pregnant or Breastfeeding

permanent makeup and pregnancy

At Bella Ink, we are frequently asked if it's safe to have permanent makeup done while pregnant, or breastfeeding. Though the risks are low, it is not something that we recommend.

All Cosmetic Tattoo / Micropigmentation procedures carry some risk of infection because the skin is being broken. While all measures are taken to prevent any infection during the procedure is a very slight possibility you can get an infection if not cared for correctly after the procedure (for example if the client wears makeup or touches the healing work done). If this happens, then the baby could pick up a secondary infection.

Also, facial skin may be more susceptible to pigment darkening (especially for those who get Melasma, commonly known as the “mask of pregnancy”) and so the trauma to the skin during the procedure may result in hyper-pigmentation in that area.

At Bella Ink Permanent we always err on the side of caution!


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